DOUBLE ENTENDRE is a non-profit organisation dedicated to support the production and promotion of events and editions dedicated to sound art, including the CD/Internet magazine vibr÷/, the performance act OttoannA, and various other artists linked to the project.
The DOUBLE ENTENDRE team operates in a totally voluntary way and directs its activities towards promoting a wide range of sound arts.

Thanks to the audio-zine vibr÷, we have been able to establish a platform of visibility and audibility for a large number of artists :

-Through individual web pages

- Through the production of de concerts, radio broadcast and other promotional events within festivals and major art centres in France and abroad.

You can support our efforts by a logistical assistance or a donation:

- with PAYPAL: Click on the button to be redirected to the PayPal site. Enter the amount of your donation and proceed to payment.

- By money transfer via our IBAN (International Bank Account Number) : FR76 1027 8060 3900 0205 2144 106

A certificate of deductible subscription for tax purposes will acknowledge each donation.

We are extremely grateful for your support!